Otepää tourism region is located in Otepää Upland in South-Estonia. The hilly landscape and the surprisingly diverse landform have developed over centuries - Otepää Upland is the most outstanding example from the ice age. This elevation profile, that significantly differs from the rest of Estonia, and the growing tourism infrastructure have created a praising myth of Otepää as the miniature Switzerland in Estonia. Otepää Nature Park, that covers an area of 22 430 ha, was created to protect the distinctive landscape and the diversity of the nature there. Clearly, Otepää is also associated with its picturesque and diverse surrounding areas. Therefore, Otepää tourism region is made of Otepää, Palupera, Puka, Sangaste and Valgjärve parishes.


As of 01.01.2013
Parish Area (km2) Number of citizens
Otepää parish 217,4 4091
Palupera paris 123,5 1084
Sangaste parish 144,7 1359
Puka parish 202,4 1682
Valgjärve parish 143,1 1428


The heart of the tourism area – the parish centre of Otepää is higher than the rest of the cities in Estonia. In fact, it is 150m above sea level. The highest peaks of the area are Kuutsemägi (217m) and Väike Munamägi (207m). The most picturesque lake in Estonia is Pühajärv (13th biggest of the small lakes).


The trade mark of Otepää is the title of the city – Estonian winter capital. The special climate allows the winter wonderland to be enjoyed from December to April. The snow on the hills of Otepää is the thickest and lasts the longest in Estonia. Therefore, Otepää with its surroundings is a considerable centre for winter sports. There are 3 mountain ski centres and a modern K-90 ski jumping hill with an observation platform in the area. Skiing tracks are suitable for both amateurs (Otepää, Kääriku, Vellavere and Valgjärve tracks) and professionals (Tehvandi).


The winter capital of Estonia is also very exiting during the summer. There are nearly a 100 picturesque lakes that are suitable for swimming and other water activities. In addition to that, there are golf and tennis courts, cycling and hiking trails, exciting adventure parks and relaxing saunas...


The distinct landscape of Otepää provides a great opportunity to organise workouts and competitions. The characteristic cultural and historical influences of Otepää offer a memorable experience. You can boost your energy either taking part of different activities or enjoying the beautiful nature.

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