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Comeback Nightclub

Address: Tartu maantee, Otepää vald, Otepää linn, Valga County 67405
Category: Night clubs/night out

Lake Pühajärv

Address: Ranna tee, Otepää vald, Otepää linn, Valga County 67408
Contact: (+372) 7661200
Category: Nature sites

Monument to Soldiers Killed in the War of Independence

Address: Otepää vald, Otepää küla, Valga County 67412
Contact: (+372) 7661200
Category: Monuments and sculptures

Otepää Hill Fort

Address: Otepää vald, Vana-Otepää küla, Valga County 67418
Contact: (+372) 7661200
Category: Historical sites, ruins and cemeteries

Sangaste Castle

Address: Otepää vald, Lossiküla, Valga County 67005
Contact: (+372) 5295911
Category: Castles and manor houses

Sangaste Rye Village

Address: Sangaste vald, Sangaste küla, Valga County
Contact: (+372) 5309 0842
Category: Theme parks
Via Hanseatica