Sauna marathon

European Sauna Marathon in Estonian Winter Capital Otepää

 There are over 70 different saunas at Otepää area – finnish, russian and turkish saunas, with electrical and wood heating, smoke sauna, floating sauna and barrel sauna. Traditionaly in February in Otepää takes place European Sauna Marathon where participants have to track down and visit the given saunas in the Otepää area as fast as possible. All the teams get a map showing the locations of the saunas and all the team memebers must be in every sauna for at least 3 minutes. Extra bonuses will get from the swim in the ice hole, plunge pools and other attractions provided by the sauna owners. The winner will be the team which completed all  of the saunas in the shortest time.

   foto: M.Otrokova


The 9th European Sauna Marathon will start at the Kääriku Sports Centre on February 3th , 2018 at midday, 12.00 p.m.

The participation will be chargeable and there will not be e-mail registration as it was in previous years.  The ticket for the Sauna Marathon 4-member teams will cost 60 euros.
Tickets can be purchased starting January 8th 2018 from Piletilevi

The team must take this ticket with them to the race start, where each of the team member fills in the registration sheet and is then given competition wristband and orienteering map. Participants have to track down and visit every designated sauna in the Otepää area as fast as possible, team members must be in the sauna for at least 3 minutes, visit ice holes and hot tubes.

Finish is opened until 5.30 p.m.

In the competition ranking will take part all the 4-member teams that have visited all the saunas marked on the map and are in finish before  5.30 p.m. Teams that come late will listed as "enjoyers" and they will not be on the ranking list. 

People's favourite sauna will be selected by the teams, who have visited all the saunas.

NB! Tickets for the Sauna Marathon are not refundable.

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