märts 2019
Kääriku Ski Race
This now traditional winter event will be held at Kääriku Sports Centre, covering the 14 km of the Kekkonen ski track in classic style.
The track was named after former Finnish president Urho Kaleva Kekkonen, who visited Kääriku during his now legendary state visit to Estonia in March 1964. The president completed a 17-km course on skis and spent the night at Kääriku Sports Centre. His visit is also immortalised in the Kekkonen sauna, which is open to all competitors after the race.

mai 2019
Tartu Forest Marathon (42/24 km)
Tartu Running Marathon, which is a long-standing tradition for the locals, has had a new name for two years – the event, which will be carried out for the 37th time this year on Mother’s Day, was named Tartu Forest Marathon in 2018.
Every year, the marathon brings 4,000 runners to enjoy the route between Otepää and Elva. There are four main distances: 42, 24, 10, and 5 km. The 42 and 24 km races start in Otepää and end in Elva. The 10 and 5 km races start and end in Elva. Nordic walkers are also welcome for the 24, 10, and 5 km races.
Children’s and youth events take place in Tähtvere Sports Park in Tartu.

juuni 2019
kuni 30. juuni
Retrobest Festival
Retrobest Festival is a festival of retro music and experiences. It welcomes everybody who love the music and mood of previous decades. This is a high-quality and family-friendly festival dedicated to the 1980s and 1990s. The biggest stars of the 80s and 90s will perform.
This year, we will travel back in time by dozens of years and together, recall some film classics. The programme includes thematic props, thematic rooms, and cinema.
Retrobest Festival is also officially the largest theme party in the republic!

juuli 2019
kuni 14. juuli
Rally Estonia, South Estonia
Rally Estonia 2019, a motor sport and entertainment event, will bring together the best rally drivers in Europe, who will compete with each other in Tartu and the curvy roads of Southern Estonia. There will be plenty of media representatives and about 10,000 rally enthusiasts from around 20 countries. The rally is transmitted to nearly 50 million viewers on different continents via TV. The three-day entertainment event will offer something for the whole family: the competition can be watched from the public areas, there will be a special start and finish ceremony in the heart of Tartu, as well as an exciting city stage.

Information about tickets is available here.

august 2019
kuni 03. august
Leigo Lake Music Festival
The Leigo Lake Music Festival is a perfect example of how to bring together nature and music to create unique and truly memorable experiences. Concerts on a variety of stages showcase music from classical to rock, with the summer's evening culminating in a Leigo-style display of fireworks - both traditional and of the floating tea light variety. The performances and the venue both add to one another to create something very special.

september 2019
Tartu Mountain Bike Marathon
Tartu Rattamaraton is the biggest mountain bike marathon in the Baltics and third biggest in the World. The track takes the participants to the original course of the legendary Tartu ski marathon. Riders can choose between 89 km and 40 km distances, where both of the tracks offer the picturesque views and varied landscape. The start is given in the Estonian winter capital Otepää and finish is situated in a small town called Elva (25 km from Tartu). A day before the main distances races for children are held.

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